Linear position sensors

The position sensors detect the displacement in respect of an absolute position by mean of an Hall element providing a proportional output voltage. They can be used for any movement both linear and rotary (by mean of a cam). They find a typical application on suspended axles, flexible arms mechanisms, dump trailers, lift systems, everywhere there’s the need to detect position, stress or oscillations  on agricultural vehichles and  earth-moving machinery or for special applications. The contactless sensors, in special way, are suitable for the detection of shifting shafts, gear boxes era a typical example.
High resistance to environment conditions and to electrical and electromagnetical noise
High mechanical strenght
High precision
5 Vdc or 9-30 Vdc power supply, contact or contactless types available, customizable connections

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Hall effect linear position 10 mm sliding sensors

• Contact type position detection • Max displacement 15 mm • Output range: 0,5÷4,5V@5V; 1÷9V@10V • Operating frequency: >20kHz • ...

Hall effect linear position sensors for translating shafts

• Contactless type position detection • Precision < 0,1 mm on a max stroke of 20 mm • Proportional voltage output range: 0,4 ÷ 4,2 Vdc • Max detection ...

Linear position sensors with magnet on translating shaft

• Suitable for the detection of position and movement of shifting shafts • Customizable configurations on request